Servicios y formación en innovación turística para pymes y profesionales

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Andalucia Lab offers services in the Tourism Innovation field to foster competitiveness through Internet, as well as training activities aimed at the tourist sector. Whether you are a professional in this sector, or you work in the public administration or belong to the education sector, here you will find resources of interest related to tourism innovation.

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An area in contact with knowledge, technology and inter-firm collaboration for Tourism and Commerce entrepreneurs and professionals, with the possibility of using the center´s resources.

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Andalucía Lab ofrece servicios y líneas de formación destinadas a las pymes, emprendedores y profesionales andaluces de turismo.


Innovation in Tourism Blog

Tras un primer semestre con gran participación de las empresas del sector turístico en Andalucía lab, hacemos balance sobre las cifras del presente año 2017.

Innovation in Tourism Blog

Un documento creado para promover un destino único, inteligente y competitivo, fomentando la internacionalización de las pymes turísticas.

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