Training courses for professionals and small tourism businesses

Top-notch, free and getting you closer to innovation and tourism technology

How many newsletters, magazines and digital tourism media do you read every week?

Even if you don't read many, you should know that in the tourism industry, if you snooze you lose. There seem to be more and more solutions to make things easier for professionals or small businesses within the tourism area.

Now: 1- how do you get access to these solutions? 2- Can you afford them? 3- What are those solutions?

1- from right here; 2- ABSOLUTELY, and 3- you will know right away.

Andalucía Lab training courses are...

100% free

You don't have to pay anything to access them. True story

On-site and/or online

They take place throughout the entire Andalusian territory... or at home, online.

The latest trend in the tourism industry

Technology, marketing, resources and information: all the specific knowledge you need.

Renowned professionals

Experts in their fields. What can go wrong with these instructors?

Workshops, monographs, masterclasses, technological demonstrations, on-site, online... Andalucía Lab training courses can be different but they all have one thing in common: tourism.

Plus Our training courses are 100% in Spanish.

Our students say

5 reasons why you need these training courses


If you live off tourism, although it’s a beautiful job, it’s far from simple and there are huge companies taking over the market. With our courses, we can help you stand up to them. 

You need to be up to date to take as many bookings as possible and within innovation and technology, nobody can beat us.


Being part of a community of professionals from whom you can learn, in a place like Andalucía Lab, will only bring you good things. Our community, our HUB, is what we are most proud of.


This is only your first step. Andalucía Lab is a huge source of resources for your tourism business that goes far beyond our courses… you will see.


In addition to our courses, you’ll also have access to our teaching materials and resources, so that you can access them whenever you want. This may be your first step on a journey with a glorious ending: your business can be more profitable than ever.

Who are our training courses for?


With a tourism business that needs to grow.

Tourism professionals

Tourism business workers ready to empower their companies.

Small and medium entrepreneurs

With a good tourism product in need of a final push.

How do I sign up?

It's a very simple 5-step process:

If you can't attend, please don't sign up

Our courses are free because they are financed with European funding. This funding is available as long as participants enrolled in the courses actually attend. If you sign up and do not attend, these courses may not be free anymore.

So, as places are limited, we’ll ask you to confirm your attendance twice. If you cannot attend (we can check with the access link), please cancel and leave your place for another HUB member who can benefit from our training.

In short: sign up only if you have a real interest in attending and, if something comes up and you can’t attend, remember to cancel.


Frequently asked questions about Andalucía Lab training courses

Throughout these years, you have sent us hundreds of questions and doubts about our training courses. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:
Some of them take place in our headquarters in Marbella. Some others, throughout the eight Andalusian provinces. There may soon be an on-site training course very close to your town, wherever you are in the Andalusian territory.
There are basic and also more advanced courses. What you should do is check out each course individually and read all the detailed information. It will help you learn whether this course is right for you.

Yes, it is our number 1 requirement because our courses are 100% free. If you don’t register on our website, you will not be able to book a place and it will be impossible for you to take your chosen course. Register for free here. When you book your place, you will also have to confirm it in your email to receive a link for online courses.

You can easily cancel your attendance from our website, as long as you’re logged in with your username and password. If you don’t, your place will be empty and no other HUB member will be able to benefit from this course. In addition, we will not be able to justify your attendance to the organization that finances these training and we will be one step closer to stop having courses for free. That’s why we kindly ask you, please sign up only if you have a real interest. If you forget to cancel and you don’t attend, you will not be able to sign up for any more courses for a certain period of time.
Recognized experts in their fields: tools, techniques, resources, strategies, etc. They are professionals with a proven professional record. And, depending on the course, we also have professionals and tourism-technology companies of our own HUB as instructors.
Five. As you complete them, you can sign up for more.

Ready to learn? All you have to do is go to our training course agenda.