Free and personalised tourism consultation

Grow faster with our 1 on 1 consultancy service

Whether you’re a small business or a solopreneur with a tech solution for tourism companies, receiving training, studying, and working on your business are crucial parts of your everyday life.

But even though you’re getting high-quality information, it’s all still pretty general. Think about it: this information is meant to help many businesses at the same time, not just yours.

And, of course, you need to receive personalised information.

Specialised tourism consultancy sessions

Andalucía Lab offers you the opportunity to book 1-hour online sessions with our private tourism consultants, free of charge.

This service is designed to accompany both tourism professionals and entrepreneurs, facilitating their access to technology, innovation and the latest marketing trends.

You are a tourism SME…

… and you are immersed in a digitalisation process, but you need an expert hand to guide you through the process and clear up all your doubts.

You are a tourism-technological entrepreneur…

… and you're developing your strategy to grow and attract customers, but you need the guidance of an expert in your field.

What does our consultancy service consist of?


Everything you and your consultant discuss during your one-hour session will be specific to your project.

Follow-up suggestions

At the end of the session, you will be given a plan to follow, prepared by the consultant, which will give you the opportunity to follow up in a specific way.


You may only need to clarify a few specific doubts... or you may need more sessions. We will come up with a plan with more dates for your follow-up sessions.

A great additional service

These tourist consulting sessions are a complementary service to others that we offer you at Andalucía Lab, such as training courses or Demo Lab.

What other small businesses say

What other tourism-tech entrepreneurs say

What we ask of you

Please note that this is a consultancy service. It’s specific to the tourism and technology industries, and focused exclusively on your business, but it is advice. Whether you follow it and apply it, and how you decide to do so, is entirely up to you. That should be crystal clear to you before you fill in the application form.

What you can expect from a session with our consultants


1 hour of exclusive focus on your project, during which you can ask the consultant whatever you need to know about your business ideas.


A roadmap or summary of recommendations prepared by the consultant to help you move forward.


Support: your consultant will join your team for an hour and will give you specific guidelines to follow. You will feel fully supported.


A plan for further sessions, if your consultant thinks it’s necessary, with a follow-up plan.

How to get your personalised consulting service

Follow 3 simple steps:

These are our tourism and technology consultants: who do you want to apply for?

Meet our team of consultants and their areas of expertise:

Vivianne Quill

Entrepreneurship and acceleration expert
Vivianne supports you in your strategy to create innovative tourism products. She will also advise you on how to find partners and collaborators and guide you on how to make your brand more relevant.

Francisco Romero

Expert in R&D applied to SMEs
Francisco can help you integrate technology and innovation into the day-to-day running of your tourism business and advise you on how to use the tools that will drive your digital business forward.

Alicia Macías

Online marketing expert
Alicia will help you market your tourism products or services online and attract new customers by identifying the most appropriate digital marketing activities for your business.

José Antonio Ruiz

SEO and web positioning expert
José Antonio will help you optimise and implement an SEO strategy to position your project in the main search engines such as Google or Bing, addressing onpage/offpage optimisation techniques and strategies to improve the visibility of your tourism business.

Marta Soto

Tourism communication expert
Marta will help you identify and decide on the most appropriate marketing and communication tools for each stage of your business, as well as preparing and implementing the chosen strategies, with the aim of increasing your visibility and reaching more potential clients.

Gema Sánchez

Expert in women's leadership and digital skills
Gema can support you in tourism projects promoted by women, working on personal and professional skills that promote empowerment and leadership, improving digital tools and facilitating the development of growth opportunities.

Carlos Molina del Rio

Digital business and technology company expert
Carlos helps you to understand the key components of your business. What are the challenges you are not seeing? Should you be working on them to make your business work better? He will help you engage B2C or B2B customers and improve your product, user experience and business model development. This service is only available to tech companies in our Andalucía Lab Community.

Laura Rampérez

Innovation and creativity expert
Laura helps you to enjoy your business, to connect with your authenticity and to bring together all the key aspects of your work (strategy, team, culture, processes) to create a dynamic of innovation and creativity to take your project where you want it to go.

Paloma García-Delgado

Online Marketing Specialist
Paloma helps you with anything related to online marketing: strategy, available tools, campaigns, web development, copy, SEO, optimization...

Vivianne Quill

Entrepreneurship and business acceleration specialist
Vivianne helps you in your strategy to create innovative tourism products. She can also advise you on how to find partners and collaborators and guide you when your brand starts growing.

Some FAQs about our consulting services

Yes, our consultancy sessions provide support to Andalusian SMEs and entrepreneurs.

Unfortunately, this is not possible. We only offer video conferencing sessions.

You can ask all the questions you need or ask your consultant to advise you on your business project or small tourism business. You can also request more sessions and a follow-up plan.

Yes, it is. Before accepting your application, your chosen consultant will read what you have written about your project and the session will be 100% focused on that.

It’s not a requirement, although it is recommended. These sessions are a perfect complement to other resources in our centre. If you have already done some training or are part of our Demo Lab, these sessions will help you to progress more quickly. If you are not part of the Andalusia Lab and this is your first time with us, don’t be shy and apply anyway.