Your Co-Working Space in Marbella

Work never felt so good!
Join a vibrant community of entrepreneurs and professionals in the tourism and/or tech industries working together.
Is working from home stressing you out?


Every single household chore is a potential distraction. Have kids? Good luck getting work done when they’re at home…

Unprofessional image

How do you meet a client when you work from home? Or if you have a video call, what background do you show?

Quality of life

Working where you live inevitably ends up with crossed schedules. It's hard to tell leisure from work any more.
Worst of all:

Your productivity drops drastically. 

Hundreds of people experience these situations when working from home. 

But if you are lucky enough to be around our facilities in Marbella, then we have great news: introducing our private co-working space.

Work for yourself, not by yourself

A co-working space in Marbella that will make things work

At Andalucía Lab, we don't think of a co-working space only as a work space. What we offer you is an entire area where you'll get to grow as an entrepreneur in the tourism and/or tech industries.
Tourism and tech industries only.
At first sight, it may seem that our co-working space is just like any other:

Top-notch facilities

Extended opening hours

Meeting rooms



Printer and copier

Air conditioning and heating

Daily cleaning service

Natural light

What makes us different?


Price: you wouldn’t believe it! You will not see it here, but once you fill out our request form, we will let you know. The number will surprise you. For real.


The HUB: when you’re a member of this co-working space in Marbella, you will automatically be part of our HUB: a community of entrepreneurs, businesses and professionals in the tourism industry. Being part of the HUB opens up a world of possibilities for you.

Consulting: meet our specialised professional consultants, who will provide their personalised advice to help you with whatever you need. Have you ever seen any other co-working space offering this?


Flexibility: rolling agreements every three months. No need to commit long-term. If you are leaving Marbella in a given quarter and you want to stop your membership, that’s ok.


Networking: a classic benefit of co-working spaces. Here’s our twist. We have a specific area for this, and just by being a member of our HUB, you will already be part of something bigger. How would you like to work alongside people who can throw you a lifeline, inspire you, help you or do business with you? Sounds good, doesn’t it? 


Environment: if you look out of the windows of our co-working space in Marbella, you will see grass, trees and lots of light. Working from here can’t get any better 


Disconnection: need to take a break? The beach and beach clubs are only 100 metres away. Enjoy the sea, lie down to clear your mind or have lunch with your feet in the sand. Need some inspiration? This is the perfect place!


Comfort: No need to worry about parking your car. If you drive here, you’ll find available shaded parking spots, even in summer. 

But why do I even need a co-working space?

Increase your productivity

Achieve more in less time. You probably don't have enough time already: avoid distractions.

Improve your professional image

Meet clients in our meeting rooms and hold conferences in a fully equipped space.

Work happier

Manage your schedule. After work, you'll go home, relax and enjoy life. It'll make a huge difference.

For real, work never felt so good.

Do business with other members between meetings, go to the beach and have a drink or take a walk in our garden.

We can’t stress this enough: our co-working space in Marbella is part of something much bigger. This means you will also have access to:


A community of entrepreneurs, professionals and other co-workers from the tourism and/or technology industries, who are internationally renowned.

Additional areas

We have 15 meeting, training and event rooms (included in your membership). PLUS, our amazing yet affordable auditorium. And last but not least, our tech area known as the Demo Lab.

Andalucía Lab

Book our consultants for free, have access to our training and be part of a network specifically designed for your benefit. Plus, you’re part of our HUB and you’ll get to enjoy our spaces.

Our members say

What does the co-working membership in Marbella include?

This is what you get when you become a member:
  • Modern, spacious and comfortable work space at a shared table.
  • Printer and ink (you only need to bring your own paper).
  • Copier.
  • High-speed WiFi and the possibility of working with LAN.
  • Access from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 to 20:00.
  • Access to meeting and event rooms.
  • Access to our specialised consultants, who will be happy to help you with your project.
  • Access to our private “Slack”; a virtual space to communicate with the co-working community.
  • Surveillance 24/7.
  • Air conditioning in summer and heating in winter.
  • Daily cleaning service.

Plus (although not officially included in our membership):

  • The Mediterranean Sea, the beach and beach bars only 100 metres away.
  • Outdoor parking (shaded areas).
  • Coffee and vending machines.
  • The opportunity to strike up a conversation with anyone you see. Our family is big and international. Learn, grow and enjoy.

Our membership does NOT include:

  • Package collection service under your name.
  • Business address: unfortunately, we cannot offer you a legal address.

Our spectacular location

Our co-working space is located in the facilities of Andalucía Lab, on Carretera Nacional 340, km. 189,6.
Just mentioning our address doesn't change much now, does it? Think about it like this:
A place where most of the cutting-edge technological solutions for the tourism industry meet. Beach Clubs where you can enjoy lunch with the background sound of the sea.
A modern, internationally renowed building within the tourism industry with the beach just metres away.
Do you think all these things make us different?

Two things we need from you before you join us

The good one: our conditions are extremely easy to meet.
You'll only pay an upfront fee every three months.
Although payment is upfront, you don't need to stay for three months. You are allowed to leave whenever you want.
The “not so good" one: not everyone will be accepted.
To join our co-working family in Marbella, you must be a professional within the tourism and/or technological world. You will work for a tourism company, run a tourism business, work on digital marketing, etc.
We carefully select our members for our co-working space. As we said before, we want this place to be more than just a work space.

How to become a member of our co-working space in Marbella

And that's it; you're in!

Here are some FAQs

You’ll find out as soon as you fill out the form, but you can expect a much lower price than in any other co-working space. And it will definitely be much lower than a co-working space with all our perks and benefits.

Work space at a shared table, a copier, a printer, WiFi, access to meeting and event rooms, consultancies, access to “Slack”, surveillance, air conditioning and heating, and daily cleaning service.

Unfortunately, no. All our spaces include a shared table. There are meeting and event rooms, but for a more specific use.

As long as there is room and it is a specific job, yes. If all places are full, we will try to make room for you in one of the meeting rooms (subject to availability.)

You can access freely – with your access data, of course – from 08:00 to 22:00, Monday to Friday. We are closed on weekends.

No, but you’ll find a coffee machine and other vending machines in the resting and networking area. Otherwise, you’ll only have to walk 100 metres and you’ll get to have a lovely lunch by the Mediterranean sea, with your feet in the sand.

Finish your request form in just two minutes

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Thank you so much for your interest in Andalucía Lab co-working space. We’ll review your information and get back to you as soon as possible.

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