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Imagine that Batman takes a day away from Gotham and goes to Marbella, to the facilities of Andalucía Lab, where he meets a rather unusual community:
Tourism companies and professionals who develop via quality training and personalised consultancies.
People with a tech talent who learn from a wonderful intensive programme, and will soon revolutionise the labour market.
A co-working space where tourism digital marketing specialists work in exclusive facilities.
An exhibition space for cutting-edge technological solutions for tourism in Andalucía: best of the best.
By this point, Batman seems a bit lost… What is all this?
He’s surprised to learn that this huge community, a perfect triangle of talented people—businesses—tech solutions keeps a virtual communication using Slack.
Batman also finds out that this HUB offers:
Training for businesses and tourism/tech professionals.
Personalised consultancies by specialised professionals for the tourism/tech business.
Rental of modern rooms and spaces, highlighting a state-of-the-art auditorium.
A Demo Lab, where businesses can interact with the most practical and suitable tech solutions.
A marketplace of projects, where companies advertise their search for talented people and talented people come to them as a solution.
A dream location on the coast of Marbella, where life quality is amazing 24/7/365 and the variety of restaurants and leisure activities astonishes locals and foreigners alike.
Can you imagine Batman's reaction? Training, consultancies, businesses, loads of talent, a wonderful talented people—businesses—tech solutions connection, first-class spaces, an unusual location for such an organisation... and all of these focused on the tourism and tech industries.

What Is Andalucía HUB?

Andalucía HUB is everything you've just read about... except for Batman.
What makes us so special?


Our community: talented people (national and international) PLUS tourism and/or technological companies from Andalucía.


Our services and modern facilities at Andalucía Lab, a physical place for the HUB. Our virtual meeting places: Slack and the website you are seeing right now.

How can I make the most of the HUB?

Depending on who you are:

50% of Andalucía HUB is the community of people, whether professionals or talented people, who meet via Slack and/or in-person at Andalucía Lab facilities, on the coast of Marbella.

The other 50% are our spaces and services that our community gets to enjoy, such as:


Free, online and taught by authentic specialists.


Free, personalised consulting services. You'll get to choose a consultant who best fits your needs.

Co-working space

A high-quality space for businesses and entrepreneurs on the coast of Marbella.

Demo Lab

A showroom where we help tech solutions and businesses meet.


Are you a tourism/technology business with marketing needs? We help you find the solution in our marketplace.

Event space rental

State-of-the-art facilities to rent when you need them: training rooms, meeting rooms, an auditorium that will blow your mind...

What is Slack?

Part of Andalucía HUB's community isn't physically present at our offices.

So... how can they be in touch with other members of our community?

Easy: Slack.

A web service you can access from your browser, desktop or mobile – your choice – where you can:

  • Share job offers.
  • Share valuable content.
  • Find business opportunities.

In short, this is the online channel our HUB community uses to help each other and grow.

Andalucía HUB right now (and a bit of history)

Andalucía HUB is the evolution of Andalucía Lab, which began in 2007.



2007. Andalucía Lab offers training, consultancies and free content for tourism businesses. The first steps of our HUB. (Who knew we would grow so much?)

Calling out for technology

2012. We add technology to the HUB. We add our Demo Lab and co-working space to our services and we can connect businesses and professionals from the tourism world with others in a more technological area.

Here, there, and everywhere (where we are now)

2020. Internationalisation has come to stay: our HUB has more than 3,000 people and is about to go global. Our goals are to attract Andalusian talent back home, to import the best tech solutions in the world and to export tourism services abroad.

You are always our greatest star: we only make things happen for you.

What makes Andalucía Lab's HUB so special?

Short and sweet?
Andalucía HUB is one of a kind.
We are well-known in Europe and in the rest of the world.
We have a community of professionals communicating 24/7 via Slack, free training, a physical place to work, consultancies, and a (physical and online) space where talented people—businesses—tech solutions co-exist. All in one place.
Do you know any other place where ALL THESE happen at the same time?

Some FAQs about Andalucía HUB

Register here, completely free of charge, and make a request from your personal area.

Because Andalucía Lab is financed with European funds. It may sound strange that our workshops and consultancies are free, but they are.

A collection of two things: 1) a large community around Andalucía Lab and 2) our facilities and services.

For young programmers who want to live in Andalucía (whether Andalusian or not); for technical professionals who need to update and improve their computer skills; for tourism marketing professionals who want to take the leap in their career; for small tech start-ups in need of collaborators, partners or employees; and for Andalusian tourism/tech businesses looking for talent or to take advantage of the resources Andalucía HUB offers.

As you can see, the only thing the HUB is missing is Batman.

And you!