Technological Talent Attraction Programme for the Tourism Industry in Andalucía

We were in the search of programmers from all over the world who wanted to grow professionally and live in Andalucía with a fully funded 9-month programme.
You, us, businesses, a spectacular location, a mind-blowing fully funded programme… what’s not to like?
We brought you here, trained you and helped you find a job in a company that needed you. We are active participants promoting innovation in the tourism/technological industries of Andalucía.
You were able to grow professionally, living in one of the places with the highest quality of life in Europe, and you get closer to your dream job in the tourism/technology industries in Andalucía.

How did we do it?

An on-site programme in Andalucía, financed with European funds, allowing you to live and work here.

What is the Talent Attraction and Education Programme 2020-2021 that’s already started?


We are currently in the internships stage.
Scheduled dates, already mentioned, are:
  • Theory: started september 11, 2020 and ending February 5, 2021.
  • In-company internships: started 8 February and ending 8 May (3 months).
  • Schedule: Monday to Thursday 08:00 to 14:00 and 16:00 to 18:30, and Friday from 08:00 to 14:00.
  • Christmas holiday period: from 24 December to 6 January, inclusive.

How much will the programme cost?


What!? No way. This is too good to be true.

Here’s why

We needed you to commit, so we ask you to make an initial contribution of €2,400 (10% of the actual value, which is €24,000.)

We were refunding €1,800 after you completed your first week, and the remaining €600 while you do your 3-month internship.

That is, you contribute €2,400 but you get €2,400 back, and you’ll get an education valued at €24,000.


This programme was not for anyone. We were looking for people with a real interest in education. You were supposed to meet the following 5 criteria:
We valued (although it was not a requirement) if you lived and worked in different countries.

To sum up, this is what you got if you were selected:

An education programme

Valued at € 24,000.


9 months in Marbella with expenses paid.

Direct contact

With industry-related businesses in need of someone like you.

Easy access

To the job market in Andalucía.

What to expect

Our center: Andalucía Lab

Close to the beach, with modern facilities and a HUB that all participants got to be part of. There's no better place for on-site education.


On the heart of the Mediterranean coast, one of the most valued destinations for both national and international travellers. All-year-round, this multicultural and multilingual city has:
  • A variety of leisure time activities.
  • A very high-level quality of life.
  • Pleasant weather and many hours of sunlight.
  • Fantastic connections with the rest of Spain and Europe.


These businesses (part of our growing community) can’t wait to meet you in Andalucía:

Some FAQs about the programme

Because that’s the way we were asking you to show your commitment. This is a complete and specific programme and we only wanted people with a real interest in taking advantage of it. That’s why we were returning 75% of the amount after only one week in the programme and 25% at the end.
The programme would have continued from our accommodation in Marbella, virtually (and it did!).

 It is a set of facilities, services and community around Andalucía Lab. Our HUB is made up of our state-of-the-art spaces, free training, consulting services, companies and professionals related to the world of tourism, technology and marketing, as well as the participants in the programme. Learn more here.

This funded programme, at the moment, was not for you. But hey! Anything you ask for can come true. Try again in another future call!
A single room in shared accommodation in Marbella with XX other participants of the programme; private round transport from Andalucía Lab to the accommodation; and lunch.
Once we received all applications, we evaluated profiles and sent out our answers with relevant instructions.

Apply here

We want to know more about you! Please, fill in your data, tell us more about yourself and apply for the programme:

Attach your CV here (pdf, ppt, doc, jpg)

Your request has been sent!

Thank you so much for your interest in our talent programme. Your information is on our inbox.

As we told you before, we want to make sure we pick the right candidates for this programme. So we will review and give you an answer soon.

You might soon be part of the programme, why don’t you take a look at the HUB?