• How I can access the tool?

Invitations to access the beta version of the tool, are sold out. If you wish, you can register to receive information on future releases.

  • How many OTAs analyzes Roomore?

The current version of Roomore analyzes five OTAs, however, we are continuously working to add more data sources to the tool.

  • What is an OTA?

An OTA is an Online Travel Agency, OTAs examples are Activehotels, eDreams, Booking …

  • I can not change some data I provided at registration, is it normal?

You can modify the contact details and some data associated with the analysis that the tool makes, however the data relating to your hotel and that identify you as a unique user can not be modified from the tool. If you want to make changes you should contact the staff of Andalucia Lab.

  • What are keywords?

Keywords or search terms are the words that we think users are going to put into search engines to find us. If our hotel has a spa and is located in the province of Malaga, we can assume that one of the search terms that users looking for a spa hotel in Malaga is ‘Spa Hotels in Malaga’. You can express some terms to know how you are positioned in the search engines for them.

  • Why Roomore can not find me in some OTAs if I’m registered in them?

Roomore seek his hotel in all OTAs available, but in some cases can not find enough information for various reasons; maybe the establishment name you provided differs from that found in the OTA or comments relating to your hotel do not mention you using your real name. This situation also occurs when you specify your competitors.

  • I do not appear in the OTAs Roomore works with, what I can do?

The technical team is continually adding new OTAs to the tool, we will be happy to add those your establishment appears in. Additionally, you can suggest new features or changes to be introduced in future releases.

  • How do I get in touch with the creators of Roomore?

We need your input, send an e-mail to info@andalab.org

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