Andalucia Lab is committed to transferring knowledge to SMEs, entrepreneurs and professionals in the tourism and trade sectors through its lines of training: Labtalleres , Professional Masterclass, Monographs Lab and Intelligent Business Strategy Workshops.

Monographs Lab

Specific conferences on current topics and trends that foster the approach to new projects and innovation lines.

Monographs Lab are created to respond to the need to further deepen in specific topics. They are specific, specialized seminars on current topics and trends that promote the approach to new projects and lines of innovation.

These sessions are developed with a dual purpose:

– Monographic Conferences aimed at discovering new concepts and trends guided by specialized professionals.

– Promotion of networking among participants, in order to strengthen the Andalusian business through collaboration and business cooperation.

These events, which call for a large volume of people around the same subject, can help your company find interesting suppliers, employees or even potential customers. 

This training is made possible thanks to the participation of experts in the field who bring different approaches to the topic at hand and to the collaboration of Andalucia Emprende through their CADES (Centers for Entrepreneurial Development).

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Professional Masterclass

Two hours working sessions, aimed at networking and knowledge exchange by analyzing the practical case of guest professionals.

The Masterclass Professionals Lab initiative launched in collaboration with professionals users of Andalusia Lab service.

Two hours working sessions, aimed at networking and knowledge exchange through use cases analysis of the visiting professional and subsequently boosted by a brainstorming session of the participants.

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Free training for small SMEs, entrepreneurs and professionals of tourism and trade, divided into five blocks and delivered in Andalusia’s eight provinces.

Technological training for companies is imperative to increase tourism competitiveness. Therefore, knowledge transfer becomes one of the cornerstones of Andalucía Lab, in order to strengthen SMEs in the online world, their competitiveness in innovation, drive to Internet commercialization, development of online marketing strategies.

 That is the reason why we created a training action called Labtalleres, that means  a meeting point of professionals and entrepreneurs in tourism and trade, while fostering the integration of new technologies in the Andalusian tourist destination as a differentiation factor.

Labtalleres address different subjects that are mainly distributed in five areas: online marketing, tourist marketing, social networks, legal and retail.

We understand education as the key to knowledge and therefore a lever to business competitiveness.

From Andalucia Lab we have opted for the training flexibility and customization, covering in our labtalleres the issues that our users more demand. We improve our training offer, adapting to the needs of industry and allowing for all the knowledge that we believe should be part of a good business know-how.

We also make our Labtalleres flexible geographically,being imparted in the eight andalusian provinces.

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