DemoLab Guided Tours

Demo Lab is an exhibition space and showroom of innovation and technological applications. If you are a professional in the tourism or commercial sector and want to know more in detail the technologies showed in each of the scenarios, sign up to our technology demonstrations.

DemoLab Guided Tours

Demolab Guided Tours during one hour and a half, exhibition space and showroom of new technologies applied to tourism and commerce, divided into nine sceneries or trip stages of the tourist.

The purpose of the visit is to bring future professionals of the tourism industry closer to innovative technological solutions that facilitate efficiency in Andalusian companies.

Demolab, exhibition space and showroom of new technologies, enables SMEs and Andalusian professionals and users be aware of new technologies and their application in the tourist and commercial businesses. Thus, after the presentation of Andalucía Lab Innovation Center and its various services, a tour of the facilities is performed, lasting an hour and a half, through the nine stages of the journey of a tourist: 

– The journey begins: in this space highlights the totem that allows, with the use of an RFID card, to do checking on events as well as to boost the journey on social networks.

– Travel agency: a scenario that offers the latest solutions for agencies such as online storefronts by Kmoove solution, a gesture recognition system or InfoTouch, an interactive, tactile information display with travel sales.

– Transportation terminal: with e-commerce solution we can know everything that offers us a destination from your mobile.

– Tourist information office: here users can interact with tactile interactive tables that allow to consult virtual catalogs or machine vision systems that identify people indoor or outdoor allowing to count the number of people and time that a person is attended in the office desk.

– Museum: a space that features works of art adapted for the disabled, as well as augmented reality solutions.

– Restaurant: iPad wine lists, order through mobile devices, QR codes on menus and accessibility among the main solutions we can find.

– Hotel Reception: this scenario, also suitable for the disabled, provides survey systems to gather feedback from customers and payment by NFC technology, among others. Solutions for personalized wifi service to clients for hotels, shops, etc.

– Hotel room: hotel room design is shown at 1: 1 incorporating accessibility solutions and automation.

– Golf course: shows a system that incorporates RFID tag on the bag of golf clubs, allowing to inform automatically when a player is nearby a hole.

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