Andalucía Lab offers a wide range of services and training lines for SMEs, entrepreneurs and Andalusian professionals in the tourism and trade sectors. It consists of a set of services tailored to the needs of each professional: workshops and specialized seminars, specialized consultancy, visits to the Demolab exhibition space.

Acceleration Business days

Specific program of mentoring and promotion of projects within the parameters of competitiveness and innovation.

The Acceleration Business Days service for your business is aimed at our businesses / projects users; a service that provides immersion in competitiveness, innovation and visibility for your project through practical sessions.

The method is simple, orientation-work session-motivation-orientation-work session and accelerate…

In a working space provided, the user will work for 15 hours (scheduled in different sessions).

Thematic depth is designed in conjunction with the user. The initial design will focus on aspects such as brand image, ideas to add “value” to my business, incorporating web research as a marketing tool, creating content and designing editorial broadcasting plans through the major networks.

To request this service it is necessary to make a training schedule designed together with the user (Labtalleres, Wednesday Lab, specialized consultancies). After completing this process, it is necessary to present the short and medium-term project with objectives.

Business networking dynamics with other users will be held too.

To request this service send an email to

Specialized consultancies

An hour and a half Personalized advice from Andalucía Lab consultants, with the company / entrepreneur on topics related to the move of a project to the digital domain.

A pioneer guidance service in Spain for its transversal nature, which combines competitiveness and technology in business.

The program is framed in a series of strategic priorities that encourage innovative culture, such as: content marketing , digital strategy, online brand reputation, channels distribution Management of tourism companies, Introduction to Social Networks, etc among other services.

How I can enroll in the Consultancy Week?

To apply for this consulting service you must be registered in our website. If you are already registered, sign in and in the Training Events section, select Consultancy Week, join the event and our consultants will contact you to fix the date and time at which the meeting will take place at the headquarters of Andalusia Lab during the selected week .

What fields will be guidance provided in? 

Digital strategy. Any company that wants to be competitive today, must have digital presence and any digital project that wants to achieve specific objectives , must start with a good planning. Knowing the starting point of your business in digital terms , the kind of project that we face , social media , analytics, etc , will help us to define objectives, choose tools , assess its operation to communicate with our clients and differentiate from competitors.

Content Marketing. New technologies, audiences hyper- segmentation and access to information in real time, has made traditional advertising ceases to have effect on the new tourist. Both companies and tourist destinations must focus on a non-intrusive communication that provides value to consumers and identifies their brand with the clients’ interests. Know your product / service , your customers , your market, marking targets, programming and editorial calendar will be the first steps to create an effective content strategy.

Distribution channel management of tourism businesses. Personalized guidance in the management of the different online channels ( OTA ), explaining the different possibilities that exist depending on the type of establishment and showing the varied agents operating in intermediation , as well as the available tools that facilitate the management (channel managers ) . Besides, it is provided consultancy service on Gatho that helps hoteliers appear in major online agencies and provides them with access to a channel manager to handle such presence.

Tourist Marketing. Through consultancy sessions, tourism professionals who are interested can learn firsthand what actions are the most important tourism promotion, how they can attend fairs with Turismo Andaluz, which markets are the most interesting and how to get personalized counsel on tourist marketing.

Brand reputation. The customer experience is the determining factor when choosing a hotel or a tourist service more than 50 % of cases. Having a good strategy for online reputation is critical to position ourselves as the best choice for our customers, to build a good relationship with them and to know first hand the value that different tourists have about our services.

Introduction to Social Media. Social networks are becoming a marketing tool for companies that decide to establish an online marketing strategy, finding more and more corporate profiles in social networks. Personalized advice on how to start in the major social networks.

Facebook. Advice consisting in learning how to use Facebook as a communication channel and, therefore , a tool that enables improved customer service, loyalty and gaining .

Twitter. Twitter , being a leading micro -blogging tool, allows the dynamization and interaction with customers. Simple guidance to start or consolidate your presence and your posts on Twitter.

Pinterest. Pinterest is the union of two words , Pin plus Interest , which would be translated as engaging interests, a 100 % visual, social network. Guidance to take your first steps on Pinterest.

If you need advice on any offered subject, email us to : and we will try to help you.

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