Acceleration Business days

The Acceleration Business Days service for your business is aimed at our businesses / projects users; a service that provides immersion in competitiveness, innovation and visibility for your project through practical sessions.

The method is simple, orientation-work session-motivation-orientation-work session and accelerate…

In a working space provided, the user will work for 15 hours (scheduled in different sessions).

Thematic depth is designed in conjunction with the user. The initial design will focus on aspects such as brand image, ideas to add “value” to my business, incorporating web research as a marketing tool, creating content and designing editorial broadcasting plans through the major networks.

To request this service it is necessary to make a training schedule designed together with the user (Labtalleres, Wednesday Lab, specialized consultancies). After completing this process, it is necessary to present the short and medium-term project with objectives.

Business networking dynamics with other users will be held too.

To request this service send an email to

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